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Probably the first time you hear our brand name, your hand subconsciously goes into your pockets (JEEBZ means pocket in Persian); Even if your clothes do not have pockets. Then what do you think they mean?
We chose JEEBZ from the root of the same pocket and in a completely modest way because we believe that pockets have many secrets to tell; The small and large compartments that become the privacy of our clothes and the handles inside which, if they had a tongue, were full of words.
At JEEBZ we produce simple and comfortable women's clothing; Over-sized and free-form garments with a limited number of details, from zero to one hundred production processes, we monitor the quality and originality of all products and we always try to get the work done in the best possible way, as you deserve.
In our opinion, every work of art, after being created, loses the meaning desired by the creator and has different meanings by the audience, that is, as it sees and wears it, and for the designer, the most interesting point of this story is to know How did the audience see the design and use it in their style? In addition, although some people think that clothes give meaning to people, we believe that it is these people who give clothes and soul to clothes. Your photos and thoughts are a way to get your feedback heard.
JEEBZ is full of secrets that you make and we are proud that our clothes will make you memorable.